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Foiling in Berlin and Surroundings

We want to start our blog talking about how are the conditions for Foiling in Berlin area.

It is a region full of lakes that benefit from the regular westerly and easterly winds, all year round. This comes with a catch, wind on the lakes, is usually, more irregular than in very open places, and therefore, less desirable for traditional windsports such as windsurf or kitesurf.

Wing Foil has changed the paradigm, its increased performance in less than ideal conditions, and the minimal space required to rig and launch. makes it the perfect windsport for any urban or lake areas. Since it´s creation, in 2019, Foiling has grown exponentially worldwide, and Berlin is not the exception.

We offer quality coaching, year round, in the best locations worldwide, from April to October, in the Berlin Area, specially in the Gudelacksee, where we sit, and we have boat assistance available, and during the winter, in the Canary Islands, Brasil, Egypt, Hawaii or where you choose!

Don´t hesitate to contact us for any enquiries!


Marlene & Lucas

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